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A (10,3)-b net by sulfate hydrogen-bonded biimidazolate complexes

Krister Larsson (Institutionen för material- och ytkemi, Oorganisk kemi) ; Lars Öhrström (Institutionen för material- och ytkemi, Oorganisk kemi)
Crystengcomm Vol. 5 (2003), p. 222-225.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The synthesis and crystal structure of Delta-[Cr(Hbiim)(H(2)biim)(2)]SO4.H2O (H(2)biim = biimidazole) are presented. A network is formed by sligthly distorted Delta-[Cr(Hbiim)(H(2)biim)(2)](2+) octahedra triple bridged by sulfate anions to give a (10,3)-b net. The final structure is given by three such interpenetrating nets, all with the same chirality on chromium. It is shown that the same net and interpenetration occur in [Fe(H(2)biim)(3)]CO3.MeOH.

Nyckelord: coordination polymers; porous materials; metal-complexes; chemistry;, tool

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