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Warping two-dimensional electrophoresis gel images to correct for geometric distortions of the spot pattern

John Gustafsson (Institutionen för matematisk statistik) ; Anders Blomberg ; Mats Rudemo (Institutionen för matematisk statistik)
Electrophoresis (0173-0835). Vol. 23 (2002), 11, p. 1731-1744.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

A crucial step in two-dimensional gel based protein expression analysis is to match spots in different gel images that correspond to the same protein. It still requires extensive and time-consuming manual interference, although several semiautomatic techniques exist. Geometric distortion of the protein patterns inherent to the electrophoresis procedure is one of the main causes of these difficulties. An image warping method to reduce this problem is presented. A warping is a function that deforms images by mapping between image domains. The method proceeds in two steps. Firstly, a simple physicochemical model is formulated and applied for warping of each gel image to correct for what might be one of the main causes of the distortions: current leakage across the sides during the second-dimensional electrophoresis. Secondly, the images are automatically aligned by maximizing a penalized likelihood criterion. The method is applied to a set of ten gel images showing the radioactively labeled proteome of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae during normal and steady-state saline growth. The improvement in matching when given the warped images instead of the original ones is exemplified by a comparison within a commercially available software.

Nyckelord: Alignment, Curved field lines, Image analysis, Proteomics, Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis

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