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Plasma shape and finite β effects on stability thresholds of the ion temperature gradient modes

Bhanpersad Jhowry (Institutionen för elektromagnetik) ; Johan Anderson (Institutionen för elektromagnetik) ; S. Dastgeer
Phys. Plasmas Vol. 11 (2004), p. 5565.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The stability of electromagnetic ion temperature gradient driven modes with emphasis on the lower and upper stability thresholds is investigated by a collisionless magnetized plasma in both circular and noncircular geometry. The stability properties are discussed and the results are compared for finite β effects, arbitrary elongation, and Shafranov shift rate parameters. It has been found that the lower stability thresholds are weakly dependent on the (combined) effects of Shafranov shift rate, finite β, and elongation whereas the second (upper) stability regime shows substantial dependence depending on parameter regimes.

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