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Invariant-mass spectroscopy of Li-10 and Li-11

M. Zinser ; F. Humbert ; Thomas Nilsson (Institutionen för fysik) ; W. Schwab ; H. Simon ; T. Aumann ; M. J. G. Borge ; L. V. Chulkov ; J. Cub ; T. W. Elze ; H. Emling ; H. Geissel ; D. GuillemaudMueller ; P. G. Hansen ; R. Holzmann ; H. Irnich ; Björn Jonson (Institutionen för fysik) ; J. V. Kratz ; R. Kulessa ; Y. Leifels ; H. Lenske ; A. Magel ; A. C. Mueller ; G. Munzenberg ; F. Nickel ; Göran Nyman (Institutionen för fysik) ; A. Richter ; K. Riisager ; C. Scheidenberger ; G. Schrieder ; K. Stelzer ; J. Stroth ; A. Surowiec ; Olof Tengblad ; E. Wajda ; E. Zude
Nuclear Physics A (0375-9474). Vol. 619 (1997), 1-2, p. 151-176.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Break-up of secondary Li-11 ion beams (280 MeV/nucleon) on C and Pb targets into Li-9 and neutrons is studied experimentally. Cross sections and neutron multiplicity distributions are obtained, characterizing different reaction mechanisms. Invariant-mass spectroscopy for Li-11 and Li-10 is performed. The E1 strength distribution, deduced from electromagnetic excitation of Li-11 up to an excitation energy of 4 MeV comprises similar to 8% of the Thomas-Reiche-Kuhn energy-weighted sumrule strength. Two low-lying resonance-like structures are observed for Li-10 at decay energies of 0.21(5) and 0.62(10) MeV, the former one carrying 26(10)% of the strength and likely to be associated with an s-wave neutron decay. A strong di-neutron correlation in Li-11 can be discarded. Calculations in a quasi-particle RPA approach are compared with the experimental results for Li-10 and Li-11. (C) 1997 Elsevier Science B.V.

Nyckelord: NUCLEAR REACTIONS C,Pb(Li-11,chi n),E=280 MeV/nucleon, measured neutron, multiplicity, breakup sigma, Li-11,Li-10 deduced resonances, decay, features, gamma-decay associated sum-rule strengths, INTERACTION CROSS-SECTIONS, BREAK-UP, ELECTROMAGNETIC DISSOCIATION, MOMENTUM DISTRIBUTIONS, NUCLEAR RADII, FRAGMENTATION, EXCITATION, NEUTRONS, STATES, BEAMS

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