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Exploring using interfaces

Sophie Cantillon (Institutionen för teknikens ekonomi och organisation, Industriell marknadsföring) ; Frans Prenkert
Use of Science and Technology in Business: exploring the impact of using activity for systems, organizations and people; edited by H Håkansson, A Waluszewski, F Prenkert, E Baraldi (2009)

Technology refers to the utilization of technical equipment and ideas embodied in products, as well as the organization of activities (Capon & Glazer, 1987). It is also understood to be know-how, which comprises both prescriptive and propositional knowledge in a broad sense (Mokyr, 2002), which is consistent with Thompson (1967). This study focuses on the use of various technologies in the same broad sense. Thus it is possible for many different "using technologies" to exist simultaneously in all complex activities. The links between these using technologies are referred to as interfaces and these are explored with the aim of creating a different understanding of how technological and economic systems function.

Nyckelord: technology, using technology, fish, UK

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