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1H NMR Database of Lignin Model Compounds in Different Solvents

Knut Lundquist (Institutionen för kemi- och bioteknik, Skogsindustriell kemiteknik) ; Shiming Li (Institutionen för kemi- och bioteknik, Fysikalisk kemi) ; Jim Parkås
Göteborg : Chalmers University of Technology, 2009.

The attached pdf-files contain 1H NMR data of a number of lignin model compounds in different solvents (CD3SOCD3, CD3COCD3, CDCl3 etc.). All the data are based on earlier research by K. Lundquist and co-workers. A few obvious misprints are corrected. The files start with a formula collection where all substances analyzed in the topical solvent can be found. The substances are sorted by molecular formula according to the Hill convention, i.e. firstly by the number of carbons, secondly by the number of hydrogen atoms and then by increasing numbers of other elements in alphabetical order. To find the spectrum of a certain substance calculate the molecular formula, locate the substance in the formula section and go to the corresponding data sheet.

For inquiries please contact the authors by e-mail:
Knut Lundquist (knutl@chalmers.se)
Shiming Li shiming@chalmers.se
Jim Parkås (jim.parkas@sodra.com)

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