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Users in Action. Stories of users and telematics in everyday life.

MariAnne Karlsson (Institutionen för konsumentteknik) ; Britt Östlund
[Bok, med redaktör]

Everyday life - at home, at work, in the car, in the bank office and in the shop - has been and will continue to be affected by the development and dissemination of information technology. The aim of this anthology has been to put together empirical studies of telematics in everyday life in order to add to the existing knowledge base: to draw conclusions on the state-of-the-art re our knowledge on the relation between individuals, IT, and everyday life. The anthology includes nine papers by fifteen authors from different disciplines. The stories told are stories of women and computers; of IT as an aid for individuals with disabilities; and how habits change or do not change when new technology is introduced.

Nyckelord: user, telematics, everyday life, diffusion of technology

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