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Homogenization Model Based on Micropolar Theory for the Interconnection Layer in Microsystem Packaging

Yan Zhang (Institutionen för tillämpad mekanik, Material- och beräkningsmekanik) ; Ragnar Larsson (Institutionen för tillämpad mekanik, Material- och beräkningsmekanik) ; Jing-yu Fan ; Zhaonian Cheng ; Johan Liu (Institutionen för mikroteknologi och nanovetenskap)
Proceedings of the eight IEEE CPMT International Symposium on High Density Packaging and Component Failure Anlaysis (HDP´06) p. 166-170. (2006)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The increase in microsystem packaging density sets the requiement for component sizes in the system to become smaller and smaller. The scale decrease makes the analysis more complicated as the corresponding resolution should be improved to a great extent. Interconnection in the system is a typical interface structure that widely appear in the packaing system, in which periodic microstructures may be included inside. A homogenization model is developed in this paper, which focuses on the interface behavior. The interface model based on micropolar theory provides a natural way to include the characteristic scale that can reflect the size effect of the considered structure. Computations are carried out as the numerical example of the model, and comparisons of this model with those of the convertional method show its validity and efficiency.

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