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A New Method Based on Dynamic Programming for Boundary Detection in Ultrasound Image Sequences

Peter Holdfeldt (Institutionen för signaler och system, Digitala bildsystem och bildanalys) ; Mats Viberg (Institutionen för signaler och system, Signalbehandling) ; Tomas Gustavsson (Institutionen för signaler och system, Digitala bildsystem och bildanalys)
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2008. EMBS 2008. 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE. EMBC 2008, August 20-24, Vancouver, Canada p. 3072-3074. (2008)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

Dynamic programming has previously been used when measuring Lumen Diameter (LD) and Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) in single frame ultrasound carotid artery images [1]. An extension to multiframe detection of that procedure is proposed in this paper. Our new method transforms a three dimensional problem into multiple two dimensional problems that can again be solved by dynamic programming. First, several “candidate boundaries” are detected in each image. Then, one boundary from each image in the sequence is selected in such a way that the sequence of boundaries is optimal among the considered possibilities. A model of the movements of the boundaries is used in the second step. Our proposed method shows promising performance on both synthetic and real ultrasound data.

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