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Coincidence measurement of residues and light particles in the reaction Fe-56+p at 1 GeV per nucleon with the spallation reactions setup SPALADIN

E. Le Gentil ; T. Aumann ; C. O. Bacri ; J. Benlliure ; S. Bianchin ; M. Bohmer ; A. Boudard ; J. Brzychczyk ; E. Casarejos ; M. Combet ; L. Donadille ; J. E. Ducret ; M. Fernandez-Ordonez ; R. Gernhauser ; Håkan T. Johansson (Institutionen för fundamental fysik, Subatomär fysik) ; K. Kezzar ; T. Kurtukian-Nieto ; A. Lafriakh ; F. Lavaud ; A. Le Fevre ; S. Leray ; J. Luhning ; J. Lukasik ; U. Lynen ; W. F. J. Muller ; P. Pawlowski ; S. Pietri ; F. Rejmund ; C. Schwarz ; C. Sfienti ; H. Simon ; W. Trautmann ; C. Volant ; O. Yordanov
Physical Review Letters (0031-9007). Vol. 100 (2008), 2,
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The spallation of Fe-56 in collisions with hydrogen at 1A GeV has been studied in inverse kinematics with the large-aperture setup SPALADIN at GSI. Coincidences of residues with low-center-of-mass kinetic energy light particles and fragments have been measured allowing the decomposition of the total reaction cross section into the different possible deexcitation channels. Detailed information on the evolution of these deexcitation channels with excitation energy has also been obtained. The comparison of the data with predictions of several deexcitation models coupled to the INCL4 intranuclear cascade model shows that only GEMINI can reasonably account for the bulk of collected results, indicating that in a light system with no compression and little angular momentum, multifragmentation might not be necessary to explain the data.

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