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beta-delayed particle studies of the halo nucleus Li-11 and its core Li-9

M. Madurga ; M. J. G. Borge ; L. M. Fraile ; H. O. U. Fynbo ; Björn Jonson (Institutionen för fundamental fysik, Subatomär fysik) ; Thomas Nilsson (Institutionen för fundamental fysik, Subatomär fysik) ; Göran Nyman (Institutionen för fundamental fysik, Subatomär fysik) ; Y. Prezado ; K. Riisager ; Olof Tengblad
Frontiers in Nuclear Structure, Astrophysics, and Reactions (0094-243X). Vol. 1012 (2008), p. 193-197 453.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The beta-decay of Li-11 and its core Li-9 has been revisited with the aim to disentangle the very complex decays from unbound states in the daughters. The decay channels for the states fed by beta-decay in Be-9 are established including the 2.43 MeV state for which the analysis of alpha alpha and n alpha spectra seem to favour direct break-up of the level. For the decay of Li-11 the beta-delayed charged particle spectrum can be explained by the contribution of the 10.6 and 18.2 MeV states. The alpha alpha correlations indicates that decay through resonant He-isotopes are more likely than phase space distributed 5-body break-up.

Nyckelord: radioactivity li-11 and li-9 (beta(-)-decay) from ta(p,x): measured beta-delayed e-alpha and alpha-coincidences, 1 be-11,be-9 deduced levels, partial decay branches, decay, be-9, information, emission, states

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