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E7(7) on the Light Cone

Lars Brink (Institutionen för fundamental fysik) ; S-S. Kim ; P. Ramond
Journal of High Energy Physics (1126-6708). 6, (2008)
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

We use the Cremmer-Julia E-7(7) non-linear symmetry of N = 8 Supergravity to derive its order k(2) on-shell Hamiltonian in terms of one chiral light-cone superfield. By requiring that E-7(7) commute with the super-Poincare group, we deduce to lowest non-trivial order in k, the light cone E-7(7) transformations of all fields of the theory, including the gravition. We then derive the dynamical supersymmetry transformation to order k(2), and express the Hamiltonian as a quadratic form in the chiral superfield.

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