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Shape potential of rock

Carl Magnus Evertsson (Institutionen för maskin- och fordonskonstruktion) ; Cameron Briggs (Institutionen för maskin- och fordonskonstruktion)
Minerals Engineering (0892-6875). Vol. 11 (1998), 2, p. 125-132.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

This paper scientifically investigates the relevance and merit of industrial approaches to improving the shape of crushed rock in the aggregate industry. Of particular interest is the degree to which the mechanisms which are occurring within the crusher machine can alter what is generally considered to be inherent patterns of breakage for certain rock types. Simple experiments have been conducted that suggest optimal strategies for operation of crushing equipment. A case study is also presented where the shape of material produced in a quarry was inadequate for reaching industry standards. The research is pan of an on-going research project to model the behaviour of cone crushing equipment from a mechanistic perspective. The incorporation of a breakage description that includes shape will add another dimension to the results from the model. Whilst the results are off principal importance to the aggregate industry some useful conclusions can also be made for the mining industry. © 1998 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

Nyckelord: Crushing; Modelling; Particle size; Process optimisation; Simulation

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