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Guideline for Load and Resistance Assessment of Existing European Railway Bridges: Advices on the use of advanced methods

Juan R. Casas ; Christian Cremona ; Göran Holm ; Raid Karoumi ; Clive Melbourne ; Mario Plos (Institutionen för bygg- och miljöteknik, Konstruktionsteknik) ; Mette Sloth ; Dawid Wisniewski
: European Commission, 2007. - 428 s.

The Guideline has been prepared within the work package WP4 of the Sustainable Bridges project by large team of contractors with COWI A/S as the work package leader. In addition to the authors mentioned above, contributions are made by following WP4 members in synthesising the results of the research performed and in writing down, reviewing or upgrading many sections of this Guideline: Lamine Bagayoko, Per-Evert Bengtsson, Jan Bien, Eugene Brühwiler, Fredrik Carlsson, Jan Cervenka, Paulo Cruz, Lennart Elfgren, Ola Enochsson, Miguel Ferreira, Kent Gylltoft, Andrin Herwig, Susanne Höhler, Gerard James, Bernt Johansson, Tomasz Kaminski, Bertram Kühn, Tobias Larson, Ove Lagerqvist, Poul Linneberg, Dorthe Lund Ravn, Karin Lundgren, Maciej Maksymowicz, Luis Neves, Pere Roca, Rolando Salgado, Miriam Smith, Sven Thelandersson, Andrienn Tomor, Lukasz Topczewski, Jinyan Wang.

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