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Volatile hydrocarbons from domestic wood burning

Flyktiga kolväten från småskalig vedeldning

Gunnar Barrefors (Institutionen för kemisk miljövetenskap) ; Göran Petersson (Institutionen för kemisk miljövetenskap)
Chemosphere Vol. 30 (1995), p. 1551-1556.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The quantitative proportions of 16 alkenes, 5 alkadienes, 5 alkynes and several alkanes and arenes were determined in emissions from wood burning in a wood-stove and in small-scale model experiments. Samples were taken on triple-layer adsorption cartridges, and gas chromatographic separations were performed on an aluminium oxide column.Ethene, ethyne and benzene were major components, especially from efficient flame combustion. The proportions of C3-C7 alkenes were markedly higher for smouldering. The carcinogenic compounds benzene and 1,3-butadiene constituted roughly 10-20% and 1-2% by weight of total non-methane hydrocarbons. Similar results were obtained for hardwood and softwood.

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