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Torque Generation Model for Diesel Engine

Paolo Falcone (Institutionen för signaler och system) ; Maria Carmela De Gennaro ; Giovanni Fiengo ; Luigi Glielmo ; Stefania Santini ; Peter Langthaler
Conference on Decision and Control, Maui, Hawaii USA, December 2003 p. 1771-1776. (2003)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

In this paper a combustion model of Direct Injection Diesel engine is proposed to calculate the in-cylinder pressure and a crank-slider mechanism model to calculate instantaneous indicated torque. The crankshaft is modelled as a rigid body. The parameters of both models are identified via non-linear least square optimization algorithm. The data, used for the identification procedure, are purposely obtained through experiments on a diesel turbocharged BMW MD47 1900cc with a dynamic test-bench.

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