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- A New Method for On-line Determina¬tion of Short Half-lives

Gunnar Skarnemark (Institutionen för kärnkemi)
Nucl. Instrum. Methods Vol. 224 (1986), 3, p. 490.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The two detector delay (TDD) method for the determination of half-lives of nuclides continuously transported in a liquid stream through a tube has been tested with nuclides covering the half-life range 0.8–27 s. The sensitivity of the method to Reynolds number, a parameter associated with the velocity profile of the liquid flow within the tube, has been studied. The method has also been used to determine the previously not well-known half-life of 36P to be (5.2 ± 1.2) s, and the cross section for the 36S(n,p)36P reaction at 14 MeV to be (6.1−0.9+1.8) mb.

Nyckelord: NUCLEAR REACTIONS {+36}S(n,p),E=14 MeV; measured E|g,I|g; deduced |s.

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