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“Environmentally Sustainable Process Technology” An international Master’s programme at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden: Experiences from the start up, realisation and evaluation of a new education in Sweden

Claes Niklasson (Institutionen för kemisk reaktionsteknik) ; Mohammad Shahriari (Institutionen för människa tekniksystem) ; Hans Theliander (Institutionen för kemisk apparat- och anläggningsteknik) ; Said Irandoust (Institutionen för kemisk reaktionsteknik)
Proceeding of “International Millennial Conference on Engineering Education IMCEE, 27-29 January 2000, Manila – Philippines (2000)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

ABSTRACT. Environmentally sustainable process technology is an international Master’s Programme, which has been offered by Chalmers since 1997. This programme has been established in order to meet the needs and demands of engineers having both the knowledge and the skills required to develop, design, and improve processes which are economically sound as well environmentally sustainable. This means that the effluent from processes should be minimized, the processes themselves should be an energy-efficient as possible, and the products must be economically competitive. A part of this programme is concerned with a case study, giving the students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice in different fields. In this paper we present the start-up of the programme, realization and the preliminary evaluation of the programme.

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