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EU FP6 IST-4-027756 WINNER II, D4.6.1 The WINNER II Air Interface: Refined multiple access concepts, Nov 2006

Tommy Svensson (Institutionen för signaler och system, Kommunikationssystem) ; Marc Werner ; Rodolphe Legouable ; al et.

This deliverable aims at refining the definition of suitable multiple access schemes for the WINNER system concept. Simulations of WINNER I candidate multiple access schemes have been carried out in different evaluation scenarios defined by the Concept Group scenarios. Based on the insights from these simulations, reference design of multiple access schemes for frequency-adaptive and non-frequency adaptive transmission in uplink and in downlink are proposed. Investigations on the benefit of a Direct Access Channel in the uplink and further work on integration of Space Division Multiple Access are reported. Co-existence and adaptation mechanisms of the multiple access solutions are also discussed. In addition, an initial concept for multicast and broadcast support is described. Finally, the MAC layer from WINNER I is evolved, and protocol mechanisms needed to achieve an adaptive MAC layer with low protocol overhead are discussed.

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