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EU FP6 IST-2003-507581 WINNER, D3.5 Proposal of the best Suited Deployment Concepts for the identified Scenarios and related RAN Protocols, Dec 2005

Daniel Schultz ; Ralf Pabst ; Tommy Svensson (Institutionen för signaler och system, Kommunikationssystem) ; al et.

D3.5 presents relaying as an integral part of the WINNER system concept. The relay based deployment concept allows deploying the WINNER broadband radio interface cost efficiently. Suitable assumptions have been made on the technical solutions as guideline for the definition of protocol requirements. The relay is presented as part of the overall WINNER system concept in the WINNER logical nodes architecture. Further the logical nodes architecture and the relation between functions in system layers and specific logical nodes is shown. Protocols and functions are presented that are necessary to implement relaying in the WINNER system concept. Therefore the protocols of different layers namely the radio resource control layer, the radio link control layer and the medium access control layer have been investigated in more detail, also under consideration of the physical layer aspects. In addition to that two add-on solutions to increase the efficiency of relay based technologies have been investigated and are described. These add-ons are cooperative relaying and mobile relays.

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