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EU FP6 IST-2003-507581 WINNER, D2.10 Final report on identified RI key technologies, system concept, and their assessment, Dec 2005

Johan Axnäs ; Karsten Brüninghaus ; Tommy Svensson (Institutionen för signaler och system, Kommunikationssystem) ; et. al.

A radio-interface concept for a ubiquitous WINNER radio system is presented and assessed, both in terms of performance and in terms of implementation complexity. The developed radio-interface concept is a packet-oriented, user-centric, always-best concept targeting 100 Mbps sector-throughput for wide-area coverage and 1 Gbps for local-area coverage. It defines a scalable and flexible radio interface based on adaptive and compatible system modes that are tailored to particular situations such as the radio environment, the usage scenario, the economic model, etc. In contrast to the deliverable D7.6, which focuses on the functional architecture of the overall WINNER system concept, and D3.5, which describes protocols and deployment concepts, the present deliverable focuses on the actual design of the radio interface, primarily its lower layers, in order to enable optimisation and evaluation of performance. Results of extensive simulations on link, multi-link, and system levels are presented, supporting important system design choices, exemplifying favourable configurations of the radio interface in different scenarios, and providing an initial system performance estimation. Analyses of system complexity and implementation issues are found not to reveal any major showstoppers that would prevent a cost-efficient implementation at the time of deployment of the WINNER system.

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