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Using KeY

Wolfgang Ahrendt (Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik (Chalmers))
Verification of Object-Oriented Software. The KeY Approach., eds. B. Beckert, R. Hähnle, P.-H. Schmitt, LNCS 4334 p. 410-451. (2007)

This whole book is about the KeY approach and framework. This chapter now focuses on the KeY system, and that entirely from the user’s perspective. Naturally, the graphical user interface (GUI) will play an important role here. However, the chapter is not all about that. Via the GUI, the system and the user communicate, and interactively manipulate, several artefacts of the framework, like formulae of the used logic, proofs within the used calculus, elements of the used specification languages, among others. Therefore, these artefacts are (in parts) very important when using the system. Even if all of them have their own chapter/section in this book, they will appear here as well, in a somewhat superficial manner, with pointers given to in-depth discussions in other parts.

Nyckelord: JML, Java, deductive verification, formal methods, formal reasoning, logic reasoning, object-oriented software, program verification, proof obligations, specification languages, theorem proving

Springer-Verlag, series: LNCS/LNAI, volume number: 4334

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