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Route Adaptation of Charge strategies for Hybrid Vehicles

Jan Andersson (Institutionen för maskin- och fordonssystem)
Göteborg : Chalmers University of Technology, 2001. ISBN: 91-7291-096-8.

For vehicles with energy storage devices, here referred to as hybrid vehicles, the control of the system is of great importance. The hardware system can not be judged without its control.

This thesis describes a method for determining the potential of an arbitrary vehicle propulsion system for a prescribed driving mission. The system is then controlled in the best way possible and can be evaluated in a fair way. The results from this method can also be used to create and evaluate control algorithms. The design of control algorithms are, however, beyond the scope of this thesis.

Also discussed is how to place these methods in the context of the overall design process for propulsion systems. The advantage is time reduction due to elimination of iteration loops in the process.

The work in this thesis is aimed at describing how measurements, modelling, simulation and optimization can be used systematically as well as how the results from the different fields can be used in the others. Case studies show how simulation and optimization can be used in real hybrid vehicles.

Nyckelord: charge strategies, control strategies, driver model, hybrid vehicle, modelling, powertrain, road model route adaptation, simulation, vehicle propulsion

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