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Analysis of 6 genetic loci for disease susceptibility in psoriatic arthritis.

Gerd-Marie Alenius ; Camilla Friberg ; Staffan Nilsson (Institutionen för matematisk statistik) ; Jan Wahlström ; Solbritt Dahlqvist Rantapää ; Lena Samuelsson
The Journal of rheumatology (0315-162X). Vol. 31 (2004), 11, p. 2230-5.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

OBJECTIVE: To analyze the association of several autoimmune disease susceptibility loci in a population of patients with psoriasis and defined joint disease from northern Sweden. METHOD: One hundred twenty patients with psoriasis and defined joint disease were examined clinically, radiologically, and with laboratory-based analyses. Disease classification was based on peripheral and/or axial engagement. The tumor necrosis factor (TNF) locus, 1q21 (PSORS4), 3q21 (PSORS5), 8q24, 16q21, and the CTLA4 gene were analyzed using a total of 38 microsatellite markers and 2 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP). Ninety-four controls with the same ethnic background as the patients were randomly selected from the same region of Sweden. RESULTS: An association was found with one of the markers in the TNFB locus within the HLA region (p = 0.012, pc = 0.024). Three markers at the PSORS4 locus on chromosome 1q21 and 2 markers at the 8q24 locus showed nominal p values of < 0.05. After applying the Bonferroni correction for multiple analyses these markers did not reach significance. No other marker showed significant association. In a subgroup of the patients, possible linkage disequilibrium between the TNFB123 and HLA-B antigens, B17, B27, B37, B44, and B62 was analyzed. A significant linkage (p = 0.0001) was found. CONCLUSION: We identified an association between psoriatic arthritis and one of the microsatellite markers within the TNFB locus at the HLA region on chromosome 6. Linkage disequilibrium between TNFB123 and certain HLA-B antigens was found.

Nyckelord: Adult, Arthritis, Psoriatic, genetics, immunology, pathology, Autoimmunity, genetics, Chromosomes, Human, Pair 6, Genetic Markers, Genetic Predisposition to Disease, Humans, Linkage Disequilibrium, genetics, Lymphotoxin-alpha, genetics, Microsatellite Repeats, Middle Aged, Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide

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