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Validation of a High Frequency Tyre Model Based on the Elastic Field Equations

Patrik Andersson (Institutionen för teknisk akustik, Vibroakustik) ; Krister Larsson (Institutionen för teknisk akustik, Vibroakustik)
Conference proceedings of the 10th Interational Congress on Sound and Vibration, July 7-10 2003, Stockholm, Sweden (2003)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

A three-dimensional two-layer plate tyre model based on the elastic field equations has been presented previously by one of the authors. This model makes it possible to calculate the response caused by a force in both the radial and tangential directions at high frequencies, including the local deformation at the excitation point. Now results from this tyre model have been compared with measured data from a real tyre. The effect of the measurement equipment has been included in the model and the model is demonstrated and validated against measured radial and tangential point and transfer mobilities. The agreement is good for radial point mobilities, capturing the local behaviour. The radial transfer mobility also agrees well with measured data. A demonstration of the tangential point and transfer mobility is done changing the boundary conditions along the sides of the plate from simply supported to one allowing both translations and rotations. The results show the possibility of good agreement in characteristics and levels.

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