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Some observations on failure prediction in sheet metal forming

Mats Larsson ; Kjell Mattiasson (Institutionen för tillämpad mekanik, Material- och beräkningsmekanik) ; Mats Sigvant
Proceedings of The 6th European LS-DYNA Users' Conference, May 29-30, 2007, Göteborg, Sweden p. 5.93-5.102. (2007)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

This paper presents results from a FE-study on failure prediction in ductile metal sheets. The studied material, a DP600 dual phase steel, is used throughout the study. The effects of variation of element sizes, material parameters, and friction are shown and discussed. Also results from simulations of in-plane and out-of-plane tests are compared and discussed

Nyckelord: Sheet metal, Forming Limit Curve, strain localization, necking, ductile failure

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