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The Innovating Self: Exploring Self Among a Group of Technological Innovators

Henrik Berglund (Institutionen för innovationsteknik) ; Tomas Hellström ; Christina Hellström
Journal of Managerial Psychology Vol. 17 (2002), 4, p. 267-286.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

This paper explores the relevance of the concept of self in the process of independent technological innovation. In-depth interviews were conducted with technological innovators from start-up firms in IT, biotech and advanced services concerning the subjective and social forms of engagement in the innovation process. Emerging factors in the interview data revealed aspects pertaining to the innovator’s reflexive self-conception, innovator ego-involvement in the venture, forms of commitment and control, personal and social stakes, and various self-oriented cognitive strategies. It is argued that the self-concept allows the innovator to come into view as a social and subjective being who is involved in reflexive activities such as dynamic role-taking, ``is’’ vs ``ought’’ reflections and social negotiations.

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