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Infuence of Core Characteristics on Inductance Calculations for Modeling of Power Transformers

Nilanga Abeywickrama (Institutionen för material- och tillverkningsteknik, Högspänningsteknik) ; Alexander Podoltsev ; Yuriy Serdyuk (Institutionen för material- och tillverkningsteknik, Högspänningsteknik) ; Stanislaw Gubanski (Institutionen för material- och tillverkningsteknik, Högspänningsteknik)
Industrial and Information Systems, 2006. ICIIS 2006. International Conference p. 24-29. (2006)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

Calculations of effective parameters (inductance and resistance) of transformer windings, including core characteristics, are presented in this paper. Both anisotropic nature of the core and eddy currents in the electrical steel sheets are accounted for. A 3D model is developed and used to find out the inductance and resistance of transformer windings in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 10 MHz. It is shown that strongest variations of the magnetic field inside the core and of the effective parameters occur below ~ 10 kHz, whereas the effect of the magnetic core is negligible above 1 MHz.

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