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Serviced offices: owner capabilities for FM coordination

Jan Bröchner (Institutionen för service management) ; Henrik Olsson ; Davor Sinik
Facilities (0263-2772). Vol. 22 (2004), 3/4, p. 74-78.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Owners of multi-tenant office buildings pursue various strategies for providing bundles of services to building users. In order to study what determines patterns of bundling, 12 Swedish owners were interviewed in 2002. Strategies were found to depend on the size of their property holdings, where those who held less than 100,000m2 differed from large property owners. There is also a difference between owners that have a tradition of providing construction and property-related services and owners with their main activities in the financial sector. These patterns can be explained by considering transaction costs arising from services coordination and by referring to the dynamics of learning and competence in owner organizations. It is suggested that service-offering owners should increase their competence for monitoring service delivery. Some property owners may benefit more from developing the competence needed for a sole provider coordinated strategy.

Nyckelord: Facilities Management Services; Office Buildings; Contracts; Competences; Sweden

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