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Power Quality impact of a Sea-Located Hybrid Wind park

Torbjörn Thiringer (Institutionen för elkraftteknik, Kraftelektronik och vindenergi) ; Tomas Petru (Institutionen för elkraftteknik, Kraftelektronik och vindenergi) ; Christer Liljegren
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion Vol. 16 (2001), 2, p. 123-127.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The power quality impact of a 2.5 MW wind park has been measured and analyzed. The turbines in the park operate at variable speed at low wind speeds and at fixed speed at higher wind speeds. The harmonic current injection is low and the calculated flicker contribution is seldom above 0.25. The wind park also has the potential to maintain the voltage on the supplying grid below a certain limit, in this case 11 kV.

Nyckelord: power quality, power system, wind energy

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