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Measurements and modelling of low-frequency disturbances in induction machines

Torbjörn Thiringer (Institutionen för elmaskinteknik och kraftelektronik)
International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM'92), Manchester, U.K., 15-17 September 1992 Vol. 2 (1992), p. 652-656.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The paper deals with measurements and calculations on the dynamic response due to shaft torque disturbances of induction machines. Furthermore, the influence of different machine parameters and operating points has been studied. Finally, the results measured have been compared with the results from the commonly known Park model and two simpler models. It was found that a first-order model is only able to calculate the dynamic response below a certain limit of shaft disturbance frequencies. With a second-order model also higher disturbance frequencies can be handled with rather a small loss of accuracy. It appears that, for a normal industrial machine, corrections for skin effect and operating point are of little importance while corrections for temperature changes are more significant

Nyckelord: induction machine, dynamic model, torque perturbations

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