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ErgoSAM - en produktionsteknisk metod för tidig identifiering av belastningsergonomiska problem

ErgoSAM - a production technology method for early identification of load ergonomics problems

Joakim Amprazis ; Marita Christmansson ; Ann-Christine Falck (Institutionen för produkt- och produktionsutveckling, Människa - teknik)
Nordic Ergonomics Society (NES) conference, Norrköping, Sweden, 2002. (2002)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

ErgoSAM is a production technology method designed for use by SAM-authorized engineers with a certain level of proficiency in load ergonomics. The method is based on Sequence-Based Activity and Method Analysis (SAM) and has been expanded with the addition of information about working area (zone) and weight of objects handled. The method is intended specifically for use during a phase of development or change of a workplace – where the workplace itself does not yet exist physically – to identify at an early stage any shortcomings in the workplace design that will create high levels of physical stress for the person who is to perform the work. ErgoSAM has been validated twice previously in association with ITT Flygt AB and Volvo Cars, Torslanda. A third, and wider-ranging validation was conducted at Volvo Cars during 2001 and is reported on here. This validation analyzed five separate working operations for assembly using ErgoSAM and Volvo’s specification of load ergonomic requirements. The ErgoSAM analyses were performed by an experienced production technician and the load ergonomic analyses by an experienced ergonomist. The results show that ErgoSAM is an effective method that may be used for simple analysis of a workplace, in order to assess the physical workload, and it is recommended for continued use. Today, the method does not take all load ergonomic parameters into account and could therefore be expanded by the addition of a number of simple checklists to obtain a more comprehensive assessment of the physical workload.

Nyckelord: Methods-Time-Measurement system, production technology, load ergonomics, workplace design, Volvo Cars

The original paper was written in Swedish but has been translated into English.

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