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Modelling a group of induction machines connected to a weak grid

Torbjörn Thiringer (Institutionen för elkraftteknik, Elmaskinteknik och kraftelektronik)
International Conference of Electrical Machines (ICEM'96), Vigo, Spain, 10-12 September 1996. Proceedings, vol. II, pp. 99-104 (1996)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The dynamic response of two induction machines connected to a weak grid is examined in this paper. The response to perturbations in the shaft torque, supply frequency and voltage magnitude, ranging from 1 to 40 Hz, is investigated both theoretically and experimentally. A tenth-order model (i.e. two Park models) and a sixth-order model predict the response to all inputs well. A fourth-order model predicts a satisfactory response to shaft torque and supply frequency perturbations while a second-order model is useful for perturbation frequencies below 1-2 Hz for the investigated 15 kW system.

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