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Wavelet and Spectral Analysis of Some Selected Problems in Reactor Diagnostics

Carl Sunde (Institutionen för reaktorfysik)
Göteborg : Chalmers University of Technology, 2004. - 31 s.

Both spectral and wavelet analysis were successfully used in various diagnostic problems involving non-stationary core processes in nuclear power reactors. Three different problems were treated: two-phase flow identification, detector tube impacting and core-barrel vibrations. The first two problems are of non-stationary nature, whereas the last one is not. In the first problem, neutron radiographic and visible light images of four different vertical two-phase flow regimes, bubbly, slug, churn and annular flow, were analysed and classified with a neuro-wavelet algorithm. The algorithm consists of a wavelet part, using the 2-D discrete wavelet transform and of an artificial neural network. It classifies the different flow regimes with up to 99% efficiency. Detector tubes in a Boiling Water Reactor may execute vibrations and may also impact on nearby fuel-assemblies. Signals from in-core neutron detectors in Ringhals-1 were analysed, for detection of impacting, with both a classical spectral method and wavelet-based methods. The wavelet methods include both the discrete and the continuous 1-D wavelet transform. It was found that there is agreement between the different methods as well as with visual inspections made during the outage at the plant. However, the wavelet technique has the advantage that it does not require expert judgement for the interpretation of the analysis. In the last part two analytical calculations of the neutron noise, induced by shell-mode core-barrel vibrations, were carried out. The results are in good agreement with calculations from a numerical simulator. An out-of-phase behaviour between in-core and ex-core positions was found, which is in agreement with earlier measurements from the Pressurised Water Reactor Ringhals-3. The results from these calculations are planned to be used when diagnosing the shell-mode core-barrel vibrations in an operating plant.

Nyckelord: noise diagnostics, wavelet analysis, detector tube impacting, two-phase flow, core-barrel vibrations

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Calculation of the neutron noise induced by shell-mode core-barrel vibrations in a 1-D 2-group 2-region slab reactor


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