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Primordial evolution in the finitary process soup

Olof Görnerup (Institutionen för energi och miljö) ; James P. Crutchfield
Physics of Emergence and Organization p. 297-308. (2008)

A general and basic model of primordial evolution-a soup of reacting fini- tary and discrete processes-is employed to identify and analyze fundamental mechanisms that generate and maintain complex structures in prebiotic sys- tems. The processes?-machines as defined in computational mechanics-and their interaction networks both provide well defined notions of structure. This enables us to quantitatively demonstrate hierarchical self-organization in the soup in terms of complexity. We found that replicating processes evolve the strategy of successively building higher levels of organization by autocataly- sis. Moreover, this is facilitated by local components that have low structural complexity, but high generality. In e®ect, the finitary process soup sponta- neously evolves a selection pressure that favors such components. In light of the finitary process soup’s generality, these results suggest a fundamental law of hierarchical systems: global complexity requires local simplicity.

Nyckelord: Autocatalysis; Autopoiesis; Computational me- chanics; Emergence; Entropy; Evolution; Hierarchical dynamics; Information; Population dynamics; Self-organization; Structural complexity

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