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Models as a Medium in Architecture

Atli Magnus Seelow (Institutionen för arkitektur och samhällsbyggnadsteknik)

Architecture is more than just buildings. Its associated production and reception pro­cesses take place through a variety of different media. Among those media, the model is of special significance: because architecture, like almost every science or art, works with models as representa­tionally or theoretically simplified images mediating between the abstract and the reality. The properties that characterise models give them a special significance in archi­tecture—both in the abstract, as well as in the concrete. The following article sketches out the history of the architectural model as a medium in a short tour d’horizon. A special focus is placed on showing the versatility of the model—for design and presentation and as an artefact, teaching resource and research medium. It transmits a specific form of knowledge which can be replaced by no other medium.

Nyckelord: history of architecture; architectural models; architectural media

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