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NES2017 Conference Proceedings: JOY AT WORK

Anna-Lisa Osvalder (Institutionen för produkt- och produktionsutveckling, Design and Human Factors) ; Mikael Blomé ; Hajnalka Bodnar
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Welcome to Lund and the 49th annual NES Conference – Joy at work at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, Sweden! Joy at Work is a conference for a creative and sustainable working life and takes on the work environment of the future. How do we handle the challenges and opportunities of digitalization, integration and the coming generation shift? How do we create a health-promoting and competitive work environment? What can we do to encourage creativity on the job? And who is responsible for what? We are happy to host this excellent gathering of participants involved in work environment issues to meet, breaking barriers and share ideas! Joy at Work is organised by the Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology Division at the Department of Design Sciences, Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering (LTH) in association with the Ergonomics and Human Factors Society of Sweden (EHSS). The venue for Joy at Work is in a creative environment at the Ingvar Kamprad Design Center (IKDC) with direct access to the research laboratories, prototype workshops and the School of Industrial Design. IKDC is also geographically situated on the border between Lund University and IDEON Science Park. The NES2017 conference is a truly international event. Researchers from 24 countries around the world meet in Lund for three days. The call for abstracts resulted in 95 abstracts and 36 full papers accepted for presentation and publication in the Conference Proceedings. We thank the reviewers for their precious time and commitment to give feedback to the authors; without the support of the reviewers, the NES2017 Conference would not be possible. Finally, we want to direct special thanks to AFA Insurance, Kinnarps and Flokk for sponsoring and make it possible to arrange the conference in a traditional Lund spirit. This spirit has been developed since 1666 when Lund University was founded. Come celebrate its 350-year anniversary with us! Enjoy the conference! The NES2017 Organizing Committee

Nyckelord: Physical ergonomics, cognitive ergonomics, human factors engineering, work science, organisation, risk and safety, learning, human machine inyteraction, innovation

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