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Deliverable DL9.1 Survey of standards and codes that may affect application of TC project results

Ane Mette Walter ; Rasmus Rempling (Institutionen för bygg- och miljöteknik, Konstruktionsteknik)
2012. - 13 s.

Deliverable 9.1 of WP9 is the first of three deliverables for WP9. This first deliverable contains a survey of standards, codes, and national as well as international guidelines that may affect application of project results from WP2 (formwork), WP3 (reinforcement), WP6 (SCC), and WP7 (full scale). The report will be used as a basis for deliverable 9.2, where guidelines to overcome the possible barriers described in DL 9.1 will be presented. If the preparation of deliverable 9.2 identifies areas where it is not possible to overcome identified obstacles, deliverable 9.3 will focus on providing recommendations for input to standards and codes, so that obstacles, over time, will be overcome. This will enable the complete roll-out of the TailorCrete concept, after project finalization. Deliverable 9.1 is divided into three tasks: Formwork, Reinforcement, and SCC. These three topics constitute the body of the following report.

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