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Preface: Recognizing Management in LCM

Henrikke Baumann (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Miljösystemanalys) ; Matthias Lindahl ; Christina Scandelius ; Kirsten Schmidt ; Guido Sonnemann
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (0948-3349). (2017)
[Artikel, övrig vetenskaplig]

The Life Cycle Management conference 2013 took place in Göteborg, Sweden in August that year. During some very sunny days, nearly 450 presentations took place in front of more than 600 conference goers, leading to uncountable numbers of meetings, conversations, and reflections. A group that brought together different facets of management and policy-making research in relation to LCM was created as conference special issue editors. The group identified a need for systematized descriptions and analyses of life cycle-related practices in industry and in society at large. Preferably, the research should be grounded in the social and management sciences. The intention with the special issue was advancing LCM research, with an emphasis on the 'M' for management. The special issue includes 7 papers developed from the conference presentations. The combination of life cycles and management enables many kinds of LCM research. Novel terminology and perspectives to LCM research introduced by the included papers convey some of this diversity. Studies with a product chain perspective to LCM offer a complementing contrast to the study of corporate LCM. Advancement of LCM research can thus be achieved by expanding from the company perspective towards, looking deeper into the interactions of multiple actors. Also, critical perspectives have been shown to be valuable for the legitimacy and credibility of LCA and its practitioners. These studies show how deeper studies in the social sciences offer paths for the further advancement of LCM.

Nyckelord: life cycle management (LCM), life cycle thinking, product chains, environmental management, sustainability governance

Abstract here is based on excerpts from the paper, which in itself has no Abstract.

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