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MLFMM techniques for efficient analysis of random array configuration for Square Kilometer Array (SKA) radio telescope

Shantanu Padhi (Institutionen för elektroteknik, Medicinska signaler och system)
The Journal of Engineering IET (2051-3305). Vol. 2017-2 (2017), 2,
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The implication of multilevel fast multipole algorithm (MLFMM) is applied to the analysis of large antenna array of the dual-polarized log-periodic dipole antenna in the presence of dielectric half-space and arranged in a random array configuration for Square Kilometer Array (SKA) radio telescope. The MLFMM is applied to accelerate the matrix-vector product operations. The findings are compared with the results obtained by standard MoM solver. Numerical results are given to demonstrate the accuracy and capability of this algorithm.

Nyckelord: Antenna array, non-regular array, MLFMM, Radio Telescope

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