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Convexity of the K-energy on the space of Kähler metrics and uniqueness of extremal metrics

Robert Berman (Institutionen för matematiska vetenskaper) ; Bo Berndtsson (Institutionen för matematiska vetenskaper, Algebra och geometri)
Journal of the American Mathematical Society (0894-0347). Vol. 30 (2017), 4, p. 1165-1196.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

We establish the convexity of Mabuchi’s K-energy functional along weak geodesics in the space of Kähler potentials on a compact Kähler manifold, thus confirming a conjecture of Chen, and give some applications in Kähler geometry, including a proof of the uniqueness of constant scalar curvature metrics (or more generally extremal metrics) modulo automorphisms. The key ingredient is a new local positivity property of weak solutions to the homogeneous Monge-Ampère equation on a product domain, whose proof uses plurisubharmonic variation of Bergman kernels.

Nyckelord: Constant scalar curvature, Mabuchi funcional, Plurisubharmonic function

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