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Göteborg Energi: Vehicle Fuel From Organic Waste

E. Zinn ; Henrik Thunman (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Energiteknik)
Industrial Biorenewables: A Practical Viewpoint p. 255-265. (2016)

Göteborg Energi is Sweden's largest municipal energy company, owned entirely by the City of Gothenburg. Since 2007, Göteborg Energi has grown to become Sweden's largest supplier of biogas. Sweden's target is that at least 50% of the energy used in Sweden will come from renewable sources by 2020. Göteborg Energi's first biogas plant, Gasendal is an upgrading plant installed in Gothenburg in 2007. Lidkoping biogas is one of the world's first plants for liquefied biogas (LBG). The Gothenburg Biomass Gasification (GoBiGas) Project is the largest demonstration of utilizing forest residues for the production of a renewable fuel, in this case biomethane. The gasification technology has an advantage over all other known conversion technologies, which is the possibility to convert all types of biomass or wastes to the desired end product and make use of the losses that arise in the conversion to drive the process.

Nyckelord: Gasendal, Gasification technology, Gothenburg Biomass Gasification Project, Göteborg Energi, Lidkoping biogas, Liquefied biogas, Organic waste, Renewable fuel, Sweden

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