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Gravitation and quadratic forms

S. Ananth ; Lars Brink (Institutionen för fysik, Teoretisk fysik (Chalmers)) ; S. Majumdar ; M. Mali ; N. Shah
Journal of High Energy Physics (1029-8479). 3, (2017)
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The light-cone Hamiltonians describing both pure (N = 0) Yang-Mills and N = 4 super Yang-Mills may be expressed as quadratic forms. Here, we show that this feature extends to theories of gravity. We demonstrate how the Hamiltonians of both pure gravity and N = 8 supergravity, in four dimensions, may be written as quadratic forms. We examine the effect of residual reparametrizations on the Hamiltonian and the resulting quadratic form.

Nyckelord: Classical Theories of Gravity, Gauge Symmetry, Supergravity Models, Superspaces

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