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The SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey: 850 mu m maps, catalogues and number counts

J. E. Geach ; J. S. Dunlop ; M. Halpern ; I. Smail ; P. van der Werf ; D. M. Alexander ; O. Almaini ; I. Aretxaga ; V. Arumugam ; V. Asboth ; M. Banerji ; J. Beanlands ; P. N. Best ; A. W. Blain ; M. Birkinshaw ; E. L. Chapin ; S. C. Chapman ; C. C. Chen ; A. Chrysostomou ; C. Clarke ; D. L. Clements ; C. Conselice ; K. E. K. Coppin ; W. I. Cowley ; A. L. R. Danielson ; S. Eales ; A. C. Edge ; D. Farrah ; A. Gibb ; C. M. Harrison ; N. K. Hine ; D. Hughes ; R. J. Ivison ; M. Jarvis ; T. Jenness ; Suzy Jones (Institutionen för rymd-, geo- och miljövetenskap, Astronomi och plasmafysik) ; A. Karim ; M. Koprowski ; Kirsten Kraiberg Knudsen (Institutionen för rymd- och geovetenskap, Onsala rymdobservatorium) ; C. G. Lacey ; T. Mackenzie ; G. Marsden ; K. McAlpine ; R. McMahon ; R. Meijerink ; M. J. Michalowski ; S. J. Oliver ; M. J. Page ; J. A. Peacock ; D. Rigopoulou ; E. I. Robson ; I. Roseboom ; K. Rotermund ; D. Scott ; S. Serjeant ; C. Simpson ; J. M. Simpson ; D. J. B. Smith ; M. Spaans ; F. Stanley ; J. A. Stevens ; A. M. Swinbank ; T. Targett ; A. P. Thomson ; E. Valiante ; D. A. Wake ; T. M. A. Webb ; C. Willott ; J. A. Zavala ; M. Zemcov
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (0035-8711). Vol. 465 (2017), 2, p. 1789-1806.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

We present a catalogue of similar to 3000 submillimetre sources detected (>= 3.5 sigma) at 850 mu m over similar to 5 deg(2) surveyed as part of the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey (S2CLS). This is the largest survey of its kind at 850 mu m, increasing the sample size of 850 mu m selected submillimetre galaxies by an order of magnitude. The wide 850 mu m survey component of S2CLS covers the extragalactic fields: UKIDSS-UDS, COSMOS, Akari-NEP, Extended Groth Strip, Lockman Hole North, SSA22 and GOODS-North. The average 1s depth of S2CLS is 1.2 mJy beam(-1), approaching the SCUBA-2 850 mu m confusion limit, which we determine to be sigma(c) approximate to 0.8 mJy beam(-1). We measure the 850 mu m number counts, reducing the Poisson errors on the differential counts to approximately 4 per cent at S-850 approximate to 3 mJy. With several independent fields, we investigate field-to-field variance, finding that the number counts on 0.5 degrees-1 degrees scales are generally within 50 per cent of the S2CLS mean for S-850 > 3 mJy, with scatter consistent with the Poisson and estimated cosmic variance uncertainties, although there is a marginal (2 sigma) density enhancement in GOODS-North. The observed counts are in reasonable agreement with recent phenomenological and semi-analytic models, although determining the shape of the faint-end slope (S-850 < 3 mJy) remains a key test. The large solid angle of S2CLS allows us to measure the bright-end counts: at S-850 > 10 mJy there are approximately 10 sources per square degree, and we detect the distinctive up-turn in the number counts indicative of the detection of local sources of 850 mu m emission

Nyckelord: catalogues, surveys, galaxies: evolution, galaxies: high-redshift, cosmology: observations, deep field-south, submillimeter galaxy population, degree extragalactic, survey, clerk maxwell telescope, star-forming galaxies, survey alma, resolves, 14 hour field, molecular gas, bolometer camera, high-redshift

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