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Institutioning: Participatory Design, Co-Design and the Public Realm

Liesbeth Huybrechts ; Henric Benesch ; Jon Geib (Institutionen för arkitektur och samhällsbyggnadsteknik)
CoDesign - International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts (1571-0882). Vol. 13 (2017), 3, p. 148-159.
[Artikel, övrig vetenskaplig]

In this introductory article to the special issue ‘Co-design and the public realm’, we discuss a common interest in how meso- and macro-political institutional contexts frame and are informed by Participatory Design (PD) and Co-Design processes. We argue that unilateral focus within PD and Co-Design on the micro-political scale of fieldwork obscures interactivity with institutional framing processes, undermining their potential as sites of critique and political change. Our argument is drawn from a study of literature on the role of institutions in relation to PD and the public realm and our experience as participants in an EU-funded research project. The case study descriptions unpack how various institutional frames inform PD processes and how, conversely, PD processes inform various institutional frames: metacultural frames, institutional action frames and policy frames. To highlight the move to engaging with and creating new institutions, we introduce the notion of institutioning.

Nyckelord: Co-Design, Participatory Design, institutioning, public realm, politics

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