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Modelling in Dialogue: Book of Voice-Illustrations

Ida Liffner ; Marthe Roosenboom ; Jon Geib (Institutionen för arkitektur)
Göteborg : self-published, 2016. - 170 s.

'Modelling in Dialogue' was the fifth and final Training Week of the EU PhD project TRADERS (Training Art and Design Researchers in Participation for Public Space: tr-aders.eu; traderstalk.org). It took place in Gothenburg 23-25 May 2016. Throughout this Training Week, Ida Liffner and Marthe Roosenboom of Studio Goja were invited not only to document vignettes from and participate in the proceedings (primarily lectures and an artistic workshop, reading group and dialogue) but also to be free to critically 'speak' through their illustrations. These on-site 'voice-illustrations' were then re-assembled in full afterwards in a 170-page digital publication, which will also be printed for the participants. Constituting an ambiguous accentuation of the already expressive aspect of representation, the mode and degree of inflection of these voices is ostensibly indeterminate though more-or-less graspable by way of participants' own memories.

Nyckelord: participation, participatory design, dialogue, dialogical documentation, multivocality

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