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Feedback and rotational stabilization of resistive wall modes in ITER

Yueqiang Liu (Institutionen för elektromagnetik, Elektromagnetiska beräkningar) ; Anders Bondeson (Institutionen för elektromagnetik, Elektromagnetiska beräkningar) ; M.S. Chu ; J-Y. Favez ; Y. Gribov ; M. Gryaznevich ; T.C. Hender ; D.F. Howell ; R.J. La Haye ; J.B. Lister
20th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference,Vilamoura, Portugal, 1-6 November 2004 Vol. TH (2004), p. 2-1.
[Konferensbidrag, övrigt]

Different models have been introduced in the stability code MARS-F in order to study the damping effect of resistive wall modes (RWM) in rotating plasmas. Benchmark of MARS-F calculations with RWM experiments on JET and D3D indicates that the semi-kinetic damping model is a good candidate for explaining the damping mechanisms. Based on these results, the critical rotation speeds required for RWM stabilization in an advanced ITER scenario are predicted. Active feedback control of the $n=1$ RWM in ITER is also studied using the MARS-F code.

Nyckelord: Resistive Wall Mode, Rotation, Feedback, ITER

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