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Stability and synthesis of superheavy elements: Fighting the battle against fission - example of No-254

A. Lopez-Martens ; G. Henning ; T. L. Khoo ; D. Seweryniak ; M. Alcorta ; M. Asai ; B. B. Back ; P. Bertone ; D. Boilley ; M. P. Carpenter ; C. J. Chiara ; P. Chowdhury ; B. Gall ; P. T. Greenlees ; G. Gurdal ; K. Hauschild ; Andreas Martin Heinz (Institutionen för fysik, Subatomär fysik och plasmafysik (Chalmers)) ; C. R. Hoffman ; R. V. F. Janssens ; A. V. Karpov ; B. P. Kay ; F. G. Kondev ; S. Lakshmi ; T. Lauristen ; C. J. Lister ; E. A. McCutchan ; C. Nair ; J. Piot ; D. Potterveld ; P. Reiter ; N. Rowley ; A. M. Rogers ; S. Zhu
Nobel Symposium Ns 160 - Chemistry and Physics of Heavy and Superheavy Elements (2100-014X). Vol. 131 (2016),
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

Superheavy nuclei exist solely due to quantum shell effects, which create a pocket in the potential-energy surface of the nucleus, thus providing a barrier against spontaneous fission. Determining the height of the fission barrier and its angular-momentum dependence is important to quantify the role that microscopic shell corrections play in enhancing and extending the limits of nuclear stability. In this talk, the first measurement of a fission barrier in the very heavy nucleus No-254 will be presented.


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