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Optimisation of Resistive Wall Mode Control in Reversed Field Pinches

D. Gregoratto ; R. Paccagnella ; Yueqiang Liu (Institutionen för elektromagnetik, Elektromagnetiska beräkningar)
Nuclear Fusion (ISSN 0029-5515). Vol. 44 (2004), p. 1.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Feedback stabilization of magnetohydrodynamic modes in reversed field pinches is analysed for a set of discrete coils driven by voltage control. It is found that the resistive wall mode can be stabilized with a very simple controller structure and with acceptable voltages in the coils. These results are obtained by using a sufficient number of active coils and either sensors for the radial field or sensors for the poloidal or toroidal field placed inside the resistive wall. The result is robust with respect to variations in the plasma equilibrium. Poloidal and toroidal sensors placed outside the wall require a more complicated controller and very high voltages, and do not allow as good control performance as internal sensors.

Nyckelord: Resistive Wall Mode, Reversed Field Pinch, Feedback Control

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