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DURACRETE - Probabilistic preformance based durability design of concrete structures

Anders Lindvall (Institutionen för byggnadsmaterial)
Proceedings - 2nd International PhD Symposium in Civil Engineering p. 93-99. (1998)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The presented project is a first attempt to make probabilistic performance based durability designs of concrete structures. The performance based durability design is based upon realistic models that describes the future behaviour of the concrete and the environment. To make calculations it is necessary to quantify the parameters included in the chosen models. In this paper two models that describes the behaviour of concrete are presented and it is shown how the environmental parameters in the models are statistically quantified.

Nyckelord: Carbonation, Chloride ingress, Concrete, Durability, Environmental influence, Statistical quantification

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